The Notorious ‘Oreo’: A Bear with a Taste for Home Invasions


Neighborhood Bear Nicknamed “Oreo” Causes a Stir, Sneaking into Homes for Treats” alt=”A bear nicknamed “Oreo” has been spotted roaming a neighborhood in Monrovia, California.”/>

Oreo’s Adventures in Monrovia

Monrovia residents have been keeping a watchful eye on “Oreo,” a cunning bear that’s been making its way into their homes for some sweet treats. Canyon Crest Drive residents frequently spot Oreo roaming the streets, but his recent break-ins have raised concerns.

One resident witnessed Oreo attempting to enter through the front window of their home, tearing off a screen in the process. Undeterred, the bear eventually found an unlocked side door and made its way inside.

Another resident left their garage door open, providing a prime opportunity for Oreo to indulge in some fridge-raiding. The bear wasted no time locating the refrigerator and opening it up, discovering a box of chocolate cake that it quickly devoured.

Bear Encounters and Resident Perspectives

While bear sightings are commonplace in Monrovia, the fear of an encounter always lingers. “We’re used to them,” said resident Vina Khoury. “But it’s unnerving when they get too close.”

Despite residents being on the lookout, Oreo’s intelligence has allowed it to outsmart security measures in its quest for sustenance. One Saturday, Oreo was spotted exiting a home with a bag of Oreo cookies in its grasp.

Concerned residents have considered contacting wildlife experts to determine if Oreo should be relocated. However, not all residents share this sentiment. “They’re pretty harmless,” said Richard Mosteller, who observes bears frequently around his property.

Some residents have developed a begrudging acceptance of sharing their space with the bears. “They just walk by and eat from the trash cans,” Meg Linton described. “It’s been electrifying at times, but it’s part of nature.”

Understanding Bear Behavior

Residents should be aware of the importance of securing their homes and food sources to avoid attracting bears.Leaving windows or doors open is an invitation for bears like Oreo to explore. If encountered by a bear, remain calm and slowly back away, giving it space to leave. Contact local wildlife authorities if a bear poses a threat or becomes overly aggressive.

Coexisting with bears requires a balance of respect and caution. By adhering to these guidelines, Monrovia residents can mitigate conflicts and ensure the safety of both humans and animals.

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