Tragedy Strikes: Young Girl Killed, Sister Critically Injured in Crosswalk Crash


Tragedy in Pomona: 6-Year-Old Girl Dies, Sister Critically Injured in Crosswalk Collision

The Pomona community reels in anguish after a devastating incident that claimed the life of a beloved 6-year-old girl and left her 19-year-old sister fighting for survival. The heart-wrenching collision occurred on a Tuesday evening as the family crossed a markiert crosswalk at the intersection of Towne and Lexington avenues.

A Life Lost, a Family’s Grief

Guadalupe Alvarez Salgado, known affectionately as Lupe, was a cherished member of her family and a student at Philadelphia Elementary School. As the evening sun cast its fading rays, she and her sister, Mireya, were mere steps from their home when tragedy struck.

Upon arriving at the scene, emergency responders discovered Lupe lying lifeless on the pavement. Her older sister, Mireya, was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition and remains in the intensive care unit.

A Dangerous Intersection, a Community’s Concerns

The tragic crash has sent shockwaves through the Pomona neighborhood. Many residents expressed their deep concern over the safety of the Towne and Lexington intersection, citing a history of accidents involving speeding drivers with scant regard for pedestrians.

“A lot of people do speed here,” lamented Mathew Leal, a longtime resident who witnessed the tragedy. “It’s really dangerous, especially for families with children.”

Ongoing Investigation, Seeking Answers

Investigators from the Pomona Police Department are diligently working to piece together the circumstances surrounding the crash. While they have ruled out alcohol and drug impairment as factors, they are exploring other possibilities, including excessive speed or driver distraction.

The community is anxiously awaiting answers as the investigation unfolds, seeking closure and justice for Lupe and Mireya.

A Community in Mourning, a Family in Despair

The loss of Lupe has left her family devastated. Neighbors and friends gathered outside their home to extend their condolences and offer support in their darkest hour.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to assist the family with the overwhelming medical expenses associated with Mireya’s recovery and Lupe’s funeral arrangements.

A Call for Action, a Safe Community

The tragedy has sparked a renewed call for increased pedestrian safety measures at the Towne and Lexington intersection. Residents are urging the city to install speed bumps, enhance lighting, and increase police presence to deter reckless driving.

The Pomona community is united in their grief and determined to create a safer environment for their children and families.