Tragic Twist in McDonald’s Altercation: Family Seeks Justice for Brain-Dead Stepmother


Unjust Death: East LA Family Demands Justice for Beloved Stepmother

In the wake of a horrific altercation, an East Los Angeles family is reeling from the loss of their beloved stepmother, Maria Vargas. On that fateful March night, a family outing turned into a nightmare, leaving Maria on the brink of death.

A Shocking Attack

Security footage from a Boyle Heights McDonald’s captures the chilling moment where a homeless man relentlessly punches Jose Juan Rangel Hernandez through an open window as he and his wife sit in their car. Jose, driven to defend himself, exits the vehicle and engages in a scuffle with the transient. Amidst the commotion, Maria, who is partially blind, cautiously approaches to help her husband.

Tragic Fall

As the physical confrontation continues between Jose and the homeless man, Maria’s presence unintentionally disrupts the altercation. The transient collides with her, causing her to lose balance and strike her head on the unforgiving concrete. The impact is devastating and leaves Maria severely injured.

A Grieving Family

The Rangel family is shattered by the tragic event. Veronica Rangel, Maria’s stepdaughter, expresses her anguish during a press conference: “He’s walking free while my父亲’s wife, our stepmother, is dying or already dead. Where’s the justice?”

Demand for Accountability

Veronica and her family are calling upon the District Attorney’s Office to take immediate action against the suspect responsible for Maria’s injuries. They fear that if no justice is served, another innocent life may be at risk in the future. As of this writing, the DA’s Office has yet to provide an update on the case.

Breaking the Cycle of Violence

The Rangel family’s tragedy highlights the urgent need to address the issue of violence, particularly within the homeless population. Homeless individuals are often vulnerable and living on the fringes of society, making them targets for attacks or altercations. The family believes that strengthening social safety nets and providing access to mental health services can prevent such senseless violence from occurring again.

Supporting the Rangel Family

The East Los Angeles community has rallied around the Rangel family, offering their condolences and support. A GoFundMe page has been created to assist the family with medical expenses and other needs during this difficult time. Every dollar donated helps to alleviate the financial burden faced by this grieving family.

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