Trump Bags Millions in High-Dollar California Fundraising Blitz


Trump Embarks on Major Fundraiser Swing in Southern California

Former President Donald Trump recently visited Southern California for a series of high-profile fundraising events, marking his first major campaign activities since his legal conviction.

Exclusive Beverly Hills Gala Kicks Off Weekend

Trump commenced his fundraising spree with an exclusive private event in Beverly Hills on Friday, where lavish perks were offered to attendees. Tickets for the event started at ,000, with various tiers providing access to photo opportunities and seating arrangements. The elite “event chair” status required a hefty 0,000 donation.

Newport Beach Extravaganza Promises Elevation

On Saturday night, Trump graced Newport Beach with another fundraiser hosted by John Word, the co-founder of a health insurance company. Ticket prices for this event ranged from ,300 to an astonishing 0,000 per person.

A String of Successful Fundraising Events

These California events follow a successful fundraising dinner in San Francisco, where Trump reportedly raised around million. The former president’s campaign announced receiving over million on the same day he was convicted on 34 felony charges.

Upcoming Events and High-Profile Support

Trump’s Southern California tour continues a series of fundraising efforts ahead of the upcoming Republican National Convention. President Joe Biden is also scheduled to visit Southern California for a major fundraiser featuring appearances by former President Barack Obama and celebrities such as George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

A Welcome Return to Southern California

Trump’s visit marks his first trip to Southern California since the Anaheim GOP Convention in September 2023. Despite his legal troubles, the former president remains a polarizing figure in politics, capable of attracting both supporters and detractors.

A Note on Tickets

  • Beverly Hills fundraiser: ,000 – 0,000
  • Newport Beach fundraiser: ,300 – 0,000


Former President Trump’s fundraising swing in Southern California highlights the continued interest in his political activities. Despite his recent conviction, Trump remains a major player in the Republican Party and continues to attract significant financial support from his base. The upcoming Republican National Convention will be a关键时刻 to further observe his influence on the current political landscape.

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