Unjustly Accused: Former LAPD Assistant Chief Fights for Justice after Demotion


In an interview with LA News Center, former Assistant Chief Al Labrada vehemently denies allegations of placing an Apple AirTag in his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle, vowing to clear his name.

A Rising Star Tarnished

Labrada’s promising career in the Los Angeles Police Department abruptly changed when he faced accusations of placing a tracking device on his former partner’s vehicle. This led to his demotion from his position as Assistant Chief, casting a shadow over his reputation.

“My career has been damaged, and my reputation has been shattered,” Labrada lamented.

Questionable Evidence and Unfair Treatment

Documents obtained from the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office reveal a lack of evidence to support the accusations against Labrada. No criminal charges will be filed against him.

Labrada questions the LAPD’s handling of his case, highlighting discrepancies in their approach compared to similar allegations against another officer involving the same woman. He alleges that former Chief Michel Moore made unfair public comments about him, violating his right to due process.

“It is unheard of for a chief to provide my name openly within a week of the allegations,” Labrada said.

Seeking Justice

Labrada has filed a government claim against the LAPD for its alleged mishandling of the investigation and public disclosure of his demotion. He believes he has been denied basic rights and fair treatment.

“There should be an expectation of privacy, and due process must be followed,” Labrada emphasized.

Contesting the Narrative

Despite receiving documentation of the DA’s decision last week, Labrada alleges that the LAPD withheld the information from him for over six months.

When questioned directly by LA News Center, Labrada denied placing the device in his ex-girlfriend’s car or stalking her.

“We had a six-year relationship and were in the process of buying a home. This breakup has turned into false accusations,” he explained.

Investigation and Resolution

Labrada is currently on leave pending the outcome of a Board of Rights investigation scheduled for June.

Former Chief Michel Moore maintains the integrity of the investigation and supports Labrada’s right to a full review.

The resolution of this case will determine the fate of Labrada’s career and the accountability of the LAPD for its actions. He remains determined to clear his name and restore his damaged reputation.

Data sourced from: ktla.com