Biden Secures Ex-Presidents’ Powerhouse Fundraiser in Virginia


Fundraising Frenzy: Former Presidents Team Up for Biden’s Cash Push

Get ready for a star-studded fundraising extravaganza as former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama join forces with Joe Biden for exclusive dinners that aim to boost his 2024 campaign coffers.

Powerhouse Fundraising Strategy

The multi-president fundraising strategy has proven to be a winning formula, helping Biden outpace former President Trump in the 2024 fundraising cycle, according to Open Secrets. Biden’s campaign boasts 2 million in cash on hand, while Trump is hot on his heels with million raised in April alone.

Virginia Extravaganza

On June 18, Hillary and Bill Clinton will play gracious hosts at an exclusive fundraising dinner in Virginia, just days after a similar event in Los Angeles that will feature Obama, Biden, and Clinton. Actor George Clooney is generously hosting the latter gathering.

High-Stakes Presidential Race

Biden faces mounting pressure to maintain his fundraising lead, as Trump’s campaign has gathered an impressive haul of million in donations during April, surpassing Biden’s million.

A Battle of Grassroots vs Billionaires

Biden’s campaign has emphasized its small dollar contributions, boasting that a majority of April’s funds came from grassroots donors. They highlight this to contrast with Trump’s campaign, which they accuse of relying heavily on wealthy donors.

Trump Strikes Back

Trump’s campaign is pushing back against these claims, citing its impressive grassroots fundraising prowess. Senior advisers Chris LaCivita and Susie Wiles state, “With half of funds raised coming from small dollar donors, it is clear that our base is energized.”


As the race towards November intensifies, both Biden and Trump are pulling out all the stops to secure the necessary resources. The fundraising dinners, headlined by a former and current president, promise to be major events that could influence the outcome of the election.

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