Bureaucracy Battle: Biden Shields Civil Servants, Trump Threatens “Deep State” Cleanse


The Biden administration has taken a bold step to protect federal workers from partisan interference and potential purges. On Thursday, the White House released a “final rule to protect nonpartisan civil servants,” ensuring that they can carry out their duties in the best interest of the American people.

Preserving Civil Service, Countering ‘Schedule F’

This rule effectively counters Trump’s 2020 executive order known as “Schedule F.” Trump’s order sought to reclassify thousands of federal employees as political appointees, making them easier to dismiss.

Biden promptly nullified the order upon taking office, but the former president has hinted at reviving it if elected again. The new rule would significantly strengthen procedural requirements for reclassifying federal employees and clarify that civil service protections cannot be revoked regardless of job type.

Protecting Nonpartisan Professionals

The Biden administration emphasizes that civil servants play a crucial role in the functioning of our democracy. They provide essential services, including lifesaving and life-changing assistance, and ensure that Americans have fair access to opportunities.

The new rule safeguards these nonpartisan professionals from political interference, ensuring they can focus on serving the public without fear of retribution. By preventing the arbitrary removal of nonpartisan staff, the rule aims to prevent the installation of hand-picked loyalists.

Conservative Resistance, Liberal Applause

As expected, the rule has drawn criticism from conservatives. House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer argues that it insulates federal workers from accountability. He believes that rigorous oversight is necessary to increase public confidence in government.

Conversely, good government groups, liberal think tanks, and activists have welcomed the rule. They view cementing federal worker protections as a priority, especially in light of the Conservative Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025” plan.

This plan calls for replacing existing government workers with conservative alternatives, a move seen as an attempt to eradicate the so-called “deep state” within the government bureaucracy.

Implications for a Future Trump Presidency

Should Trump win a second term, he could direct the Office of Personnel Management to draft new rules. However, this process is lengthy and requires detailed explanations justifying the changes. Consequently, it could face legal challenges from opponents.

In conclusion, the Biden administration’s new rule strengthens protections for federal workers, preserving the integrity of the civil service and countering partisan attempts to undermine it. Despite conservative opposition, the rule has broad support among organizations dedicated to good governance and preserving the principle of nonpartisan service to the American people.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com