Georgia DA Defies Senate Probe, Cries ‘Unlawful’


District Attorney Fani Willis Denies Senate Authority in Probe

“Unlawful,” Says DA, Vows Non-Compliance with Subpoena

Atlanta, Georgia – Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has labeled the state Senate’s investigation into her conduct as “unlawful.” She has declared that she will not appear before a Georgia Senate committee unless compelled by a subpoena.

Senate’s Inquiry into Willis’ Actions

In January, a Republican-led Georgia Senate investigative committee was formed to examine whether Willis had misused taxpayer funds in her indictment of former President Trump and others under racketeering charges.

Committee Chairman’s Warning

Committee Chairman Bill Cowsert stated that if Willis failed to appear voluntarily, he would issue a subpoena to compel her attendance.

Willis’ Response

When asked if she would testify without a subpoena, Willis responded emphatically, “I will not appear to anything that is unlawful.”

She maintained that she had not violated the law and that the committee lacked the authority to summon her.

Allegations of Political Motivations

Willis suggested that the investigation was politically motivated and that the committee was overstepping its boundaries. She remarked, “I’m sorry folks get p—ed off that everyone gets treated equally.”

Trump’s Appeal

On Wednesday, the Georgia Court of Appeals agreed to review Trump’s request to challenge the judge’s ruling that allowed Willis to remain on the case despite her relationship with a special prosecutor.

Legal Obligations

Georgia Lt. Governor Burt Jones emphasized that Willis would face legal consequences if she ignored a subpoena. “This is what treating everybody evenly looks like,” he said.

Ongoing Conflict

The investigation and ensuing legal battle reflect the ongoing conflict between Willis and the Republican-controlled Georgia Senate. The outcome of the investigation and the subpoena battle have yet to be determined, leaving the situation unresolved.

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