Governor’s Absence During Earthquake: Symbolism vs. Reality


A massive earthquake struck New Jersey on Friday, leaving residents shaken and concerned. However, Governor Phil Murphy’s absence in the aftermath of the disaster has stirred controversy.

Calls for a Leader’s Presence

U.S. Representative Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) expressed disappointment that Governor Murphy failed to return to New Jersey following the quake.

“He could have taken even 12 hours out to come back,” Van Drew said. “Our folks in New Jersey really had to look to New York officials for guidance.”

“It’s just good for people to know that their leaders are there during times of problems.”

— New Jersey Representative Jeff Van Drew

Van Drew argued that the governor’s presence would have provided reassurance to the affected residents.

Absence from the State

Governor Murphy was at a Democratic convention when the earthquake occurred. He has defended his decision to remain at the event, stating that he was kept informed of the situation and that state emergency responders were in place.

On Saturday, Murphy wrote on social media that the state’s emergency operations center had been deactivated with no reports of major damage.

Resident Concerns

As of Friday afternoon, over 152,000 Americans reported feeling shaking to the USGS. The earthquake had an estimated magnitude of 4.8 and was felt in 14 states from Maine to North Carolina.

Some residents expressed concerns over the lack of a visible response from their governor.

“We were counting on him to be there for us, not in some other state,” said one resident interviewed by local news.

Political Divide

The criticism of Governor Murphy’s absence has also fueled political divisions. Republicans have accused him of putting politics over the needs of his constituents, while Democrats have defended his decision to stay at the convention.

Regardless of political affiliation, the response to the earthquake has highlighted the importance of visible leadership in times of crisis.

Impact on Governor’s Image

Governor Murphy’s absence in the wake of the earthquake may have some long-term consequences.

The criticism could erode public trust and damage his image as a leader who is responsive to the needs of his constituents.