Hillary Clinton Unleashes: “Existential Struggle for the Soul of America”


Hillary Clinton’s Fiery Charges Against Democrats for Abortion Missteps

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has leveled scathing criticism against her own party for failing to protect abortion rights in the years leading up to the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade.

In a candid interview with the New York Times, Clinton, now 76, minced no words about her forthcoming book, “The Fall of Roe: The Rise of a New America.” She also shared her insights on the potential risks of a second Trump administration for reproductive rights.

Missed Warnings and Underestimated Threats

Clinton accused Democratic leaders of complacency, stating that they had underestimated the growing strength of the pro-life movement. She attributed this to a lack of seriousness and an inability to grasp the severity of the threat posed to abortion rights.

“We didn’t take it seriously, and we didn’t understand the threat,” Clinton said. “Most Democrats, most Americans, did not realize we are in an existential struggle for the future of this country.”

The Right’s Unwavering Drive and Funding

Clinton pointed out the well-organized and well-funded nature of the pro-life movement, contrasting it with the perceived lack of similar resources within the Democratic Party.

“The right is relentless,” she asserted. “They take a loss, they get back up, they regroup, they raise more money. It’s tremendously impressive the way that they operate. And we have nothing like it on our side.”

A Prophetic Warning and an Existential Election

Clinton stated that she had predicted the potential for Roe v. Wade to be overturned in 2016, but her warnings were largely dismissed. She expressed concern that similar skepticism could hamper efforts to counter the threat posed by a second Trump administration.

“If we don’t make the right decision in this election in our country, we may never have another actual election,” Clinton warned. “We will be governed by a small minority of right-wing forces that are well organized and well-funded and are getting exactly what they want in terms of turning the clock back on women.”

Trump’s Stance on Abortion and Contraception

Amidst these concerns, Hillary Clinton also addressed former President Donald Trump’s recent statements regarding abortion and contraception. While Trump has vowed not to impose restrictions on birth control, Clinton expressed skepticism about his long-term intentions.

“The only time Republicans have actually proposed legislation on birth control is to ban birth control,” she said.

Clinton’s interview highlights the urgency of the fight for abortion rights and the need for Democrats to address complacency within their own ranks. With the importance of this issue evident in public opinion polls, her message serves as a clarion call for action ahead of the upcoming elections.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com