Judge Slammed in Explosive Trump Documents Case


Southern District of Florida – In a heated rebuke, federal prosecutors have unequivocally denounced the legal premise upon which Judge Aileen Cannon of the Southern District of Florida based her request for hypothetical jury instructions in the case against former President Donald Trump.

Accusations of “Wrong” and “Distorted”

In a court filing on Tuesday, Special Counsel Jack Smith argued that Judge Cannon’s request was “wrong” and would “distort” the upcoming trial. The crux of the issue lies in Cannon’s premise that Trump had the sole authority to designate documents as personal under the Presidential Records Act (PRA) and that his decision to withhold them from the government was legally authorized.

PRA Relevance Questioned

Prosecutors firmly deny this interpretation, asserting that the PRA has no relevance to the charges against Trump. They argue that the Espionage Act, which governs the mishandling of classified documents, does not recognize the PRA’s distinction between personal and presidential records.

Trump’s Claims Debunked

Smith’s team further claims that Trump’s argument that he designated the documents as personal is “a complete invention” that surfaced only after his possession of them became public knowledge. They highlight that none of the witnesses interviewed for the investigation corroborated Trump’s claims.

Appeal Warning

Prosecutors have cautioned that they will appeal Judge Cannon’s order if she proceeds with her hypothetical jury instructions as requested. Such an appeal could further delay the already protracted proceedings, which have yet to settle on a trial date.

Trump’s Dismissal Denied

In a related development, Judge Cannon recently dismissed Trump’s motion to dismiss the charges based on “unconstitutional vagueness.” She reasoned that while Trump’s arguments might hold some relevance at trial, they do not warrant dismissal at this stage.

PRA Voidance Implication

During the hearing, Judge Cannon pointedly questioned the defense team’s interpretation of the PRA, which she argued would essentially “gut” the law and grant presidents unfettered authority to classify presidential records as personal.

Complex Trial Trajectory

The Trump classified documents case is one of several pending criminal cases against the former president, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The disagreements between the prosecution and the judge, as well as Trump’s motion to dismiss, are indicative of the complexities and potential delays ahead in this highly anticipated trial.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com