Mandatory Border App Ignites Fierce Debate: Rights Violations vs. Smuggler Control


The Controversy Surrounding the Government’s Migrant Appointment App

The CBP One app, introduced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), aims to improve the processing of asylum seekers and enhance border efficiency by allowing appointments at designated points of entry.

Praise and Criticism from CBP

CBP maintains that the app streamlines operations and frees up border agents to focus on other security matters, while discouraging illegal crossings.

Concerns Raised by Amnesty International

However, Amnesty International has denounced the mandatory use of CBP One for asylum seekers, labelling it a “clear violation of international human rights and refugee law.” The organization argues the app creates added complexity and barriers for vulnerable migrants.

Conservative Doubts

Conservatives express skepticism about the app, alleging that it invites migrants to seek asylum illegally. They point to statistics indicating a high proportion of “inadmissible aliens” being granted entry after using the app.

The App’s Origins

Ironically, the concept for the app was initially developed during the Trump administration to expedite border crossings for authorized entrants.

App Usage Impacts

The Biden administration adopted CBP One and made it mandatory for asylum seekers. However, the app’s effectiveness has been questioned as illegal crossings surged and