Pennsylvania Senate Race Heats Up as Candidates Battle Over County Visits and Personal Histories


Pennsylvania Senate Race: McCormick Completes 67-County Tour, Underscores Campaign Values

In preparation for the pivotal Pennsylvania Senate race this fall, Republican candidate Dave McCormick has embarked on an ambitious 67-county tour across the Keystone State. With Democratic incumbent Bob Casey facing accusations of incomplete county visits, McCormick has emphatically highlighted his own commitment to representing all of Pennsylvania, not just its urban centers.

McCormick’s Campaign Milestone

As McCormick completed his 67th county stop in Matamoras, he celebrated the conclusion of his arduous 42,000-mile journey. At a gathering of 30 supporters, he delivered a rousing stump speech that emphasized his commitment to transparency and his belief in representing all Pennsylvanians.

“I’m proud of the ground we’ve covered, because it demonstrates my commitment to our great Commonwealth and my determination to connect with people from all walks of life,” McCormick told LA News Center in an exclusive interview.

Casey Accused of Misrepresenting County Visits

Accusations have surfaced that Casey may not have visited all 67 counties each year, as he claims. A recent report by Broad + Liberty, using X posts as a metric, determined that Casey only visited 39 counties in 2023. Internal documents obtained by LA News Center show that Casey did visit all 67 counties in 2022, but fell short with 63 counties in 2023.

Casey’s spokesperson defended the Senator’s record, stating that the number of visits is less important than the quality of the visits. However, McCormick remains skeptical.

“He’s on record saying that he visits every county every year. Let’s see the evidence,” McCormick said.

Targeted Criticism and Allegations

McCormick’s camp has taken aim at Casey’s alleged hypocrisy, specifically regarding inflation and support for American industries. McCormick accuses Casey of voting in line with President Biden despite private admissions that his policies are ineffective.

Casey has also leveled criticism at McCormick, questioning his authenticity and accusing him of fabricating details about his upbringing. McCormick has denied these allegations, maintaining that his military service and business acumen make him the best candidate to represent Pennsylvania.

Integrity and Deliverables in Focus

As November’s election draws near, both candidates are doubling down on their campaigns. McCormick is betting on his transparency and his claim to have connected with voters across the state. Casey, on the other hand, is highlighting his track record of delivering for Pennsylvania.

Smart, a spokesperson for Casey, emphasized his integrity and the accomplishments he has brought to the Commonwealth. McCormick’s campaign, meanwhile, painted Casey as someone who has “failed to deliver” on key issues.

The upcoming months will undoubtedly bring more intense mudslinging and campaign maneuvers from both sides as the race for the Pennsylvania Senate seat reaches its peak.

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