Republicans Rally Behind Biden’s Strike on Houthi Rebels in Yemen: Restoring Deterrence and Holding Iran Accountable


Republicans Support Biden’s Decision to Strike Houthi Rebels in Yemen

Sources: LA News Center

In a surprising turn of events, senior Republicans are standing behind President Biden’s recent decision to launch coordinated airstrikes against Houthi rebel targets in Yemen. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed his support, stating, “I welcome the U.S. and coalition operations against the Iran-backed Houthi terrorists responsible for violently disrupting international commerce in the Red Sea and attacking American vessels. President Biden’s decision to use military force against these Iranian proxies is overdue.”

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Mike McCaul also praised the actions, calling for the restoration of the Houthis’ terror designation. He said, “I’m pleased the president, in coordination with our allies, finally took action against the Iran-backed Houthis following weeks of instability in the Red Sea. Tonight, with these strikes, we are beginning to restore deterrence. The administration must acknowledge it was a mistake to rescind the Houthis designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, and re-list them immediately.”

Other Republican lawmakers such as Sen. Roger Wicker and Sen. Lindsey Graham supported the strikes as well, emphasizing the importance of holding Iran accountable for the actions of its proxies. They believe that force is necessary to deter radical Islamic groups.

Biden’s Statement and International Support

President Biden announced the joint strike on Thursday night, revealing that the U.S. led the operation with support from the U.K., Canada, Australia, and Bahrain. The targets were facilities used by Houthi rebels to disrupt freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, one of the world’s most vital waterways.

Mixed Reactions from Democrats

While Republicans have largely shown support for Biden’s decision, Democrats have had mixed reactions. Rep. Gregory Meeks, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, expressed his backing for the targeted military strikes but called on the Biden Administration to continue diplomatic efforts to avoid further escalation. On the other hand, Rep. Ro Khanna believes that the President should have consulted Congress before launching the strikes.

The Importance of Restoring Deterrence

The airstrikes in Yemen mark an important step in restoring deterrence in the region. For weeks, the Houthis have been launching attacks on U.S. military personnel and disrupting international shipping. The Biden administration’s previous approach of relying on joint resolutions and maritime task forces has proven ineffective. The strikes serve as a warning to the Houthis and other Iranian proxies that there will be severe consequences for escalating tensions in the region.

Republicans Call for Continued Consultation with Allies

Republican lawmakers emphasize the need for close consultation with Saudi Arabia, a key regional partner, as the situation in Yemen develops. They believe that maintaining strong alliances is crucial in effectively addressing the threat posed by the Houthis and Iran.


The decision to launch airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen has garnered support from senior Republicans, who view it as a long-overdue response to Iranian-backed terrorism. While Democrats have shown mixed reactions, many are in favor of the targeted strikes while urging the administration to continue diplomatic efforts. The airstrikes serve as a crucial step in restoring deterrence and sending a message to Iran and its proxies that there will be severe consequences for their actions.