Texas GOP Clash: Conservative Insiders vs. Trump Loyalists in Run-off Race


In a captivating Republican primary runoff held on Tuesday, Texas State Representative Craig Goldman emerged victorious, securing the nomination for the open 12th Congressional District. This seat became vacant with the impending retirement of Rep. Kay Granger.

The race stood as a microcosm of the ideological divide within the Texas Republican Party. Goldman’s conservative bona fides, backed by Governor Greg Abbott and Speaker Dade Phelan, contrasted sharply with businessman John O’Shea’s self-styled “America First” stance. O’Shea drew support from Attorney General Ken Paxton and several Trump allies.

O’Shea leveraged Goldman’s impeachment vote against Paxton in his campaign. He framed the race as a choice between the “establishment team” and the “America First” camp, further polarizing the contest.

Goldman countered by emphasizing his conservative voting record, highlighting his unwavering commitment to border security and support for the American taxpayer.

While O’Shea proudly touted the endorsements of Roger Stone and Gen. Michael Flynn, these associations also drew criticism. Some analysts suggested these alliances might alienate moderate voters and hurt his chances in the general election.

As Goldman prepares for the general election, he will face off against Trey Hunt, a progressive activist who has made his stance on issues such as immigration, abortion rights, and criminal justice reform the centerpiece of his campaign.

This Republican primary runoff is one of several races in which Abbott and Paxton have backed opposing candidates. Their allegiances reflect lingering animosities, with Paxton targeting those who voted for his impeachment and Abbott retaliating against those who opposed his education plan.

Outgoing Rep. Granger, who endorsed Goldman, praised him as a steadfast advocate for national defense. Goldman’s victory signals a shift in representation for the 12th District, which has been held by Granger since 1997.

As the political landscape continues to evolve, both Goldman and his Democratic opponent, Trey Hunt, must navigate the complex dynamics of the district and the ever-changing national climate ahead of the general election.