Texas National Guard Seizes Control of Park, Blocking Border Patrol


Texas National Guard Takes Over Park at Southern Border, Blocking Border Patrol

The Texas National Guard has seized control of Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas, as part of Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to combat illegal immigration. This move has sparked tensions between Texas and the federal government, as it blocks Border Patrol from entering the area.

Texas troopers secure Shelby Park near Eagle Pass

Jan 11 2024: Texas troopers secure Shelby Park near Eagle Pass. (Fox News)

State Takes Control of Shelby Park

Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas expressed surprise at the decision to take control of Shelby Park, stating that it was not a request made by the city. The Texas Military Department, however, stated that they have been maintaining a presence in the park since 2021 to prepare for future illegal immigrant surges.

Blocking Border Patrol

The Border Patrol union confirmed that Texas soldiers are blocking Border Patrol agents from entering the park. Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, praised Governor Abbott’s actions, stating that they enhance Border Patrol operations by allowing agents to focus on troubled areas with high numbers of illegal crossings.

Feud Between Texas and Federal Government

This move by Governor Abbott is the latest escalation in an ongoing feud between Texas and the federal government over how to handle the record-setting migrant crisis. Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in 2021 to increase resources and law enforcement at the border, including setting up a border barrier in the Rio Grande River. This led to a lawsuit from the federal government, which may soon go before the Supreme Court.

Biden Administration Lawsuit and Texas’ Response

The Biden administration has sued Texas over a recently signed anti-illegal immigration law that allows state and local law enforcement to arrest illegal immigrants. The administration argues that this interferes with federal authority and hampers U.S. immigration operations. In response, Texas has sued the administration for attempting to cut and destroy razor wire set up by the state to stop illegal crossings.

Political Stunts and Open Border Policies

The White House Press Secretary has criticized Governor Abbott’s policies, accusing them of putting Texas communities and law enforcement at risk while dehumanizing immigrants. Abbott’s office, on the other hand, dismisses these criticisms and accuses the administration of fueling the crisis with open border policies.

Texas Continues to Secure the Border

Texas remains committed to securing its southern border by deploying National Guard soldiers, DPS troopers, and more barriers. Governor Abbott’s actions aim to respond to President Biden’s ongoing border crisis.

Support for Governor Abbott

Abbott’s move to take control of Shelby Park has garnered support from Texas conservatives. Representative Chip Roy expressed his full support for the governor’s efforts to secure the border.