Trump Soars Past Biden in Fundraising and Battleground Polls: 2024 Rematch Turns Deadly


Trump’s April Fundraising Haul Surpasses Biden’s Amidst Battleground State Focus

Endless Dollars in the Battle for 2024

As the 2024 presidential rematch between former president Donald Trump and President Joe Biden draws closer, fundraising takes center stage. In April, Trump made a significant surge, outperforming Biden in monthly income, shaking up the financial landscape of the race.

Trump’s Campaign Rakes It In

According to the Republican National Committee (RNC), the Trump campaign, along with the RNC and their joint fundraising committees, raked in an impressive million in April. This is a significant jump from the .6 million they raised in March.

Record-Setting Event Boosts Trump’s April Numbers

The Biden campaign, along with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and their fundraising committees, brought in million last month. While this is a respectable amount, it falls short of Trump’s April haul.

A single event early in April proved to be a major boost for Trump. Hosted at the Palm Beach, Florida home of billionaire investor John Paulson, the event raised a record-setting .5 million, with contributions coming from top Republican donors.

Biden’s Fundraising Strength

Despite the April deficit, the Biden campaign highlights its impressive fundraising performance over the past year. Since the president officially launched his re-election bid, the campaign has raised 3 million. As of the end of April, they had a campaign war chest of 2 million, significantly more than Trump’s reported cash on hand.

The Biden campaign emphasizes the importance of small-dollar donations, with the majority of April’s donations coming from grassroots supporters. They also added one million new email list members during the month.

The Stakes: Key Battlegrounds and Grassroots Support

With five and a half months to go until the November election, both candidates are focusing their efforts on key battleground states. The ability to raise substantial funds is crucial for advertising campaigns and building ground game teams in these tightly contested areas.

Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, believes their financial advantage will allow them to invest heavily in field offices, organizers, and communication across battleground states to mobilize voters.

Quarterly Reporting and Next Steps

Presidential campaigns are required to file monthly reports with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). However, joint fundraising committees, where campaigns raise a significant portion of their money, report quarterly. The next round of reports is due in July.

As the race intensifies, fundraising will remain a key indicator of the strength and viability of both candidates’ campaigns.

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