Trump Turns on Former Ally in Surprise Endorsement


Presidential Endorsement Rocks Virginia Political Landscape: Trump Backs Challenger Against Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good

In a surprising development, former President Donald Trump has endorsed a primary challenger against Virginia’s Representative Bob Good, the current chair of the Freedom Caucus. Trump’s endorsement adds fuel to a heated race that has already drawn the attention of influential GOP groups and fellow Republican lawmakers.

Trump’s Disapproval and McGuire’s Endorsement

Trump’s endorsement stems from Good’s perceived backtracking after initially supporting Governor Ron DeSantis in the 2024 presidential race. Trump dismissed Good’s subsequent endorsement of him as “too late,” suggesting that the rift between them had become irreparable.

Reacting to Trump’s endorsement, State Senator John McGuire, Good’s primary challenger, expressed his gratitude and highlighted his military service experience. Trump emphasized McGuire’s “love” for America and described him as the “person that can most help” in restoring his “Make America Great Again” vision.

Good’s Political Challenges

Good faces significant hurdles in his bid for re-election. The Republican Jewish Coalition has endorsed McGuire, citing Good’s opposition to aid for Israel during its conflict with Hamas. Additionally, Good’s endorsement of a challenger against fellow Republican Representative Tony Gonzales has drawn the ire of Gonzales, who has vowed to campaign against Good in Virginia.

Impact on Virginia’s Republican Landscape

The Trump endorsement has sent shockwaves through Virginia’s Republican establishment. Good’s primary challenge is further complicated by the pressure he faces from outside influences. The outcome of this race will significantly shape the political landscape in the state, determining the future of the Freedom Caucus and the direction of the GOP in Virginia.

Additional Key Points:

  • Good’s challenge is not the only intraparty conflict within the Republican ranks. Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas is also facing a primary challenger.
  • Despite Good’s reversal of support, Trump remains bitter over his initial backing of DeSantis and believes the damage is already done.
  • The Virginia gubernatorial race is one of several high-profile contests in the lead-up to the 2024 presidential election, attracting national attention and intrigue.
  • LA News Center will continue to monitor this developing story and provide updates on the 2024 campaign as they become available.

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