Trump’s Conviction Fuels a Fundraising Frenzy: Millions Pouring In


Trump’s Conviction Sparks Cash Surge, Fundraising Bonanza in the Wake of Guilty Verdict

Los Angeles, CA Former President Donald Trump’s criminal conviction has ignited a firestorm of support among his deep-pocketed backers, with his campaign anticipating a staggering 0 million to be raised in the coming days.

According to senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino for LA News Center, a group of GOP billionaires and multimillionaires have been eagerly awaiting Trump’s conviction to unleash their financial support. “We spoke for two hours,” one attendee told Gasparino. “Everyone stressed the urgency of Trump’s victory given the perilous direction the country is headed under Biden. They vowed to do whatever it takes.”

Gasparino reported that many attendees pledged an astonishing million to Trump’s campaign on Thursday evening alone. Trump’s campaign believes this initial surge is just the beginning, estimating a potential 0 million bonanza in the coming days.

Following the swift fundraising, Trump’s son, Eric Trump, took to “Jesse Watters Primetime” on LA News Center to tout the .8 million raised in just 24 hours. “It’s remarkable,” said Eric Trump. “Back in 2016, our biggest fundraising haul in a day was million. And today, we’ve announced .8 million in just 24 hours, and it’s likely we’ve crossed million by now.”

Trump’s campaign is capitalizing on the verdict, portraying the former president as a victim of political persecution. Minutes after the guilty ruling, the campaign launched a fundraising appeal, framing Trump as a “political prisoner.”

“Friend: Is this the end of America? I was just convicted in a RIGGED political Witch Hunt trial,” Trump wrote in an email to supporters. “My end-of-month fundraising deadline is just DAYS AWAY!”

Trump’s conviction has also spurred Biden’s re-election campaign to send out urgent fundraising appeals. “Donald Trump may have been found guilty today, but the only way to keep him out of the Oval Office is at the ballot box,” the Biden campaign wrote in a text to supporters.

The verdict has reignited political fervor among both Trump’s supporters and opponents, fueling another fundraising frenzy in what promises to be a highly contested 2024 presidential race.

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