Trump’s Donor Propping Up RFK Jr.’s Presidential Run?


Kennedy’s Super PAC Accused of Hiding Trump Donor’s Support

LA News Center Uncovers DNC’s Supplemental Complaint

In a shocking twist, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has filed a supplemental complaint against American Values 2024, the super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s presidential run. The DNC alleges that the super PAC has intentionally disguised a million payment from Gavin de Becker, Kennedy’s close associate, as a “contribution” rather than a “loan.”

Disguising Loans as Contributions

According to the DNC, this manipulation artificially inflates the level of support for Kennedy’s campaign and downplays the significant financial backing he’s receiving from Timothy Mellon, Trump’s largest donor. By portraying these loans as contributions, the super PAC creates the illusion of widespread support while hiding the extent to which Mellon is propping up Kennedy’s candidacy.

Kennedy’s Mounting Debt to de Becker

De Becker, whose security and consulting firm is the primary vendor for Kennedy’s campaign, has extended millions of dollars in loans to the candidate. This is particularly concerning given Kennedy’s repeated failures to secure Secret Service protection from the Biden administration. Ironically, Kennedy’s tragic family history has increased his concerns for his safety.

Trump’s Largest Donor Bails Out Kennedy

The DNC’s complaint also highlights that American Values 2024’s financial struggles have been repeatedly resolved by Mellon. Since January 2024, the super PAC has received million, including million from de Becker and million from Nicole Shanahan, Kennedy’s running mate. However, a substantial portion of the remaining funds came from Mellon, underscoring his profound influence on Kennedy’s campaign.

Violations of Election Laws

The DNC argues that these actions represent a violation of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, which aims to promote transparency in campaign finance and protect the integrity of the electoral process. The DNC claims that American Values 2024’s misreporting and concealment of Mellon’s support constitute a deliberate attempt to mislead the public.

Super PAC Defends Its Actions

Tony Lyons, co-founder of American Values 2024, dismisses the DNC’s accusations as part of a broader effort to silence Kennedy’s campaign. He insists that the super PAC will respond formally to the FEC regarding the allegations.

Questions Raised about Kennedy’s Allegiance

Kennedy’s association with Trump’s largest donor has raised questions about his own political leanings. Critics argue that Kennedy’s reliance on Mellon’s financial support could compromise his independence and align him more closely with Republican interests.

Kennedy’s Political Future Uncertain

The DNC’s latest complaint casts a shadow over Kennedy’s presidential ambitions. His repeated FEC violations and the controversy surrounding his funding sources could damage his credibility and make it difficult for him to gain traction among voters. As the election draws near, it remains to be seen whether Kennedy can overcome these challenges and emerge as a viable contender.

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