Trump’s Handwriting Fuels Greene’s Anti-McCarthy Offensive


Trump Endorses Key Demand from Greene amid Ouster Threats

In the ongoing political drama engulfing Capitol Hill, former President Trump has seemingly taken sides in the battle between House Speaker Mike Johnson and Republican lawmakers Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie. Greene, who has made waves with her threats to oust Johnson, received a message of support from Trump that has raised eyebrows.

Trump’s “Great!”

Greene took to social media to share a purported message from Trump, showing a document with a tweet citing Johnson’s comments at a press conference. The tweet mentioned the possibility of defunding Special Counsel Jack Smith’s probe into Trump, a demand advocated by Greene. Underneath the tweet, scribbled in what appears to be Trump’s handwriting, was the inscription “Great!” followed by his signature.

Defunding Smith’s Probe

Defunding Smith’s office is among several demands Greene has presented to Johnson. While Johnson has denied negotiating with the rebels, his Tuesday morning comments hinted at support for the idea. Johnson said that discussions about how Congress could “take the reins” of such matters had been ongoing for some time. He emphasized the need to ensure that special counsels “are not abusing the law themselves.”

Greene’s Ouster Threats

Greene and Massie have threatened to force a House-wide vote on Johnson’s removal using a “motion to vacate the chair.” However, their efforts have faced limited support within the House Republican conference. Even critics of Johnson within the Freedom Caucus have expressed reluctance to plunge the House into another period of chaos like that which followed the ouster of Kevin McCarthy.

Trump’s Voice Amidst the Strife

Despite Greene’s ouster threats, Trump has repeatedly voiced his support for Johnson. He has described Johnson as a “very good person” who has stood strongly with him on issues like NATO funding. Trump acknowledges Johnson’s difficult situation given his slim House majority.

Other Trump Allies Weigh In

Rep. Dan Meuser, a Trump ally, confirmed the former president’s support for Johnson, stating that he had recently discussed the matter with Trump. Meuser also noted that Trump expressed a preference that the motion to vacate not occur at this time.

A Looming Battle

The looming battle over the potential defunding of Smith’s probe is expected to intensify during the upcoming fiscal year 2025 government funding talks. However, the road ahead is likely to be difficult for Republicans, as any proposal to defund Smith’s probe will likely face opposition in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

As the drama unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Greene and Massie will succeed in their efforts to oust Johnson. However, Trump’s endorsement of one of Greene’s key demands has added a new layer of intrigue to the escalating tensions within the Republican Party.

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