Trump’s Wildwood Rally Explodes Biden’s Delaware Vacation


Trump on the Jersey Shore: Massive Beach Rally Draws Throngs as Biden Vacations in Delaware

Wildwood, New Jersey: Former President Donald Trump addressed a sea of supporters at a massive beach rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, on Saturday, while President Joe Biden spent the Mother’s Day weekend at his Delaware beach home.

Contrasting Crowds

The Wildwood rally drew an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 attendees, filling the beach for hours. Social media commentators highlighted the stark contrast between Trump’s energetic crowd and Biden’s quiet getaway.

“Supporters camped out overnight for a Trump rally that starts at 5PM today in Wildwood. Joe Biden can’t fill up a broom closet without staff, media, and angry protestors,” one Twitter user said.

A Focus on the Economy

Trump’s rally speech focused on the economy, inflation, and his plans for New Jersey if elected president again. He criticized Biden’s policies, calling them “Bidenomics,” which he promised to replace with “MAGAnomics.”

“The Biden price hikes are continuing to drain over ,000 from the typical New Jersey family budget every single month,” Trump said.

Biden’s Vacation and Criticism

Biden’s trip to Delaware followed a fundraising event in Seattle, where he faced protesters holding signs that read “Traitor Genocide Joe Free Palestine” and “Genocide Joe Must Go,” according to the Seattle Times.

Critics have criticized Biden’s vacation time as excessive, noting that he has spent an estimated 40% of his presidency on vacation. This compares to Trump’s reported 26% and former President Barack Obama’s 11% of vacation time.

Trump’s Big Picture

The Wildwood rally was part of a larger campaign strategy for Trump, who is currently on trial in New York City on charges of falsifying business records. He has denied the charges. Despite the ongoing trial, Trump continues to hold rallies and maintain a high profile in the political arena.

The rally in New Jersey highlighted the continued support that Trump has among a significant segment of the Republican base. While Biden faces challenges and criticism, Trump remains an influential figure whose electoral prospects in the 2024 election remain uncertain.

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