Offseason or not, the world of football is ablaze with excitement! Indoor Football League (IFL) teams are battling it out in thrilling matches, and recently, the Massachusetts Pirates made headlines with an unbelievable touchdown catch that’s got everyone talking.

Massachusetts Pirates Triumph Over Sioux Falls Storm

Last Friday, the Pirates emerged victorious against the Sioux Falls Storm, earning their third win of the season with a score of 49-41. However, it was wide receiver Thomas Owens’ jaw-dropping catch that stole the show.

A Play for the Ages

In the opening quarter, quarterback Ale Bennifield aimed a deep pass towards the back right of the end zone. Owens dashed towards the target, closely marked by a Sioux Falls defender. But Owens’ agility and phenomenal athleticism became apparent with his next move.

Despite the defender grappling onto him, Owens extended his right arm across his body, reaching out with uncanny precision. In a stunning act of defiance, he snatched the ball just before hitting the arena football field’s protective pads.

The Astonishment of Coaches and Teammates

The Pirates’ coaches and teammates were left in disbelief. “I’ve seen a lot of catches in my day,” said offensive coordinator and wide receivers coach Bones Bagaunte, “and that’s in the top ten for best catches I’ve ever seen.”

Thomas Owens of the Massachusetts Pirates stands for headshot
Thomas Owens of the Massachusetts Pirates stands for headshot
(Massachusetts Pirates)

Owens’ Perspective

Ecstatic over his impressive play, Owens shared his thoughts: “At the last minute, I seen the ball in the air…I tried to jump before the defender could jump to kinda get an advantage of high point of the ball and you know when I went up and I grabbed it once I had it,” he said.

“It was basically ball game that’s kinda how that play went…from there, it was a celebration after that cause I helped my team.”

Viral Sensation and Top Play Honors

Owens’ extraordinary catch quickly spread across social media. Its jaw-dropping nature earned it a spot on ESPN SportCenter’s iconic “Top 10 Plays” segment, where it reigned supreme as the number one play of the day.

Thomas Owens’ Journey

After his graduation from Florida International University, where he achieved Conference USA first-team honors, Owens signed with the Seattle Seahawks in 2018. Currently, he’s in his fourth season as a key member of the Massachusetts Pirates.

Thomas Owens of the Massachusetts Pirates
Thomas Owens of the Indoor Football League’s Massachusetts Pirates made a highlight-worthy play over the weekend.
(Massachusetts Pirates)

Highlight-Reel Action in Other Football Leagues

While NFL teams are winding down, leagues like the IFL and the United Football League keep the football spirit high. Fans can expect captivating plays and thrilling matches from these organizations throughout the season.


In the world of football, every season brings its share of spectacular moments. The Thomas Owens touchdown catch serves as a testament to the exceptional athleticism and ingenuity showcased in leagues beyond the NFL. As the offseason continues, football enthusiasts can look forward to more such thrilling plays from leagues that are ready to entertain and leave their mark on the gridiron.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com