Banned Boxer Linked to Mayweather Exposed: Father Demands Lifetime Ban


Fallout from the Haney-Garcia Clash: Shocking Drug Test Revelations and a Call for a Lifetime Ban

Ryan Garcia and Devin Haney

The highly anticipated bout between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia took a dramatic turn when post-fight drug tests revealed Garcia’s positive test for four performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). This revelation has sent shockwaves through the boxing world, leading to a resounding call for Garcia’s lifetime ban from the sport.

The Damning Accusations

Devin Haney’s father, Bill, expressed deep concern about Garcia’s behavior, stating, “Clearly there’s nothing that you can do with this guy, but get him out of the sport.” Bill made a damning claim that Floyd Mayweather supplied Garcia with the banned substances, urging Mayweather to come forward and explain his involvement.

Garcia’s Response and the Contamination Defense

Ryan Garcia has since taken to social media to express his love for steroids, a statement that has drawn widespread criticism. However, his camp later issued a statement asserting that he has “never intentionally used any banned substance” and that his supplements were “contaminated.”

The Ongoing Investigation and Questions About Steroids

The New York State Athletic Commission is conducting a thorough investigation into the positive drug test, leaving many questions unanswered. The focus now shifts to determining the source of the banned substances and whether Garcia has knowingly used steroids.

Garcia’s Mysterious Claims

Garcia has been evasive in his post-fight interviews, claiming that someone is “targeting” him. He has hinted at conspiracies within the boxing community, further fueling the controversy surrounding this case.

A Lifetime Ban on the Table

Bill Haney has been vocal in his demand for Garcia’s lifetime ban from the sport, arguing that he has “disgraced boxing.” The call for such a severe punishment reflects the seriousness with which the boxing world views these allegations.

The Impact on Haney and the WBC Super Lightweight