Banned Substance Mystery: Boxer’s Team Reveals Source in Legal Battle


Supplement Contamination: Ryan Garcia’s Team Maintains Innocence

In a captivating development, Ryan Garcia’s legal team has doubled down on its assertion that the banned substance found in Garcia’s system is the result of contaminated supplements.

Traces of Ostarine Detected

After rigorous testing, traces of Ostarine have been identified in two supplements that Garcia declared on Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) Doping Control forms signed in April. Garcia’s team has adamantly stated that these supplements were used in the lead-up to his recent fight with Devin Haney.

“This confirms our unwavering belief that Ryan was a victim of supplement contamination,” reads a statement from Garcia’s team. “He has never intentionally consumed any banned or performance-enhancing substances.”

Allegations of Intent Denied

The statement emphatically denies any claims that Garcia intentionally used Ostarine, labeling such allegations as “false and defamatory.” Garcia’s clean record, highlighted by numerous negative tests throughout his career, further supports the team’s assertion of his innocence.

Ultra-Low Levels and Hair Sample

Garcia’s team has provided the test results to LA News Center, revealing the presence of Ostarine in the supplements NutraBio Super Carb and BodyHealth’s Perfect Amino. In both cases, the detected levels were exceptionally low, in the picogram range.

Additionally, a hair sample analysis has come back negative for Ostarine, reinforcing the belief that unintentional contamination occurred rather than willful ingestion.

Garcia’s Social Media Reaction

Upon receiving the B sample results, Garcia took to social media, sarcastically expressing his love for steroids. However, his team maintains that the post was a tongue-in-cheek response, not an admission of guilt.

Press Conference Planned

Garcia’s team has scheduled a press conference for next week to address the findings and answer any outstanding questions.

Doubts Persist

Despite Garcia’s team’s confident assertion of his innocence, questions remain. Some skeptics have pointed to Garcia’s previous social media behavior, where he has alluded to steroid use.

However, Garcia’s team is adamant that he is a “clean fighter” and that the contaminated supplements were an unfortunate mishap.

The developing story surrounding Ryan Garcia’s alleged doping violation continues to unfold. Stay tuned for updates as more information becomes available.

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