Boxing Icon Mike Tyson’s Mid-Air Medical Mayhem: What Happened?


Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Endures Medical Scare Mid-Flight

Boxing icon Mike Tyson experienced a concerning situation on a recent flight from Miami to Los Angeles, leaving onlookers anxious. Fortunately, he’s now reportedly doing well.

Unwell in Mid-Air

On Sunday’s flight, Tyson faced a sudden bout of nausea and dizziness just before landing, his representatives confirmed to LA News Center. According to a statement shared via email, “He became nauseous and dizzy due to an ulcer flare up 30 minutes before landing.”

Adding to the situation, the email cited an additional “air conditioning issue,” potentially exacerbating Tyson’s discomfort.

Initial reports from In Touch Weekly had characterized the incident as a “medical emergency,” with sources claiming that paramedics were called to board the plane. A source reported that “a flight announcement asked for a doctor, even coming onto everyone’s screens.”

Concern and Relief

Tyson’s health scare naturally raised concerns for those present. The timely response of medical personnel helped alleviate some of the anxiety. Tyson’s representatives expressed gratitude for the support, stating, “He is appreciative to the medical staff that were there to help him.”

Paul Bout Sanctioned

Despite this recent setback, Tyson remains focused on his upcoming bout with Jake Paul. The highly anticipated match has been sanctioned as a competitive boxing match rather than an exhibition, signifying shorter rounds and heavier gloves.

A Developing Story

As this story continues to unfold, keep an eye out for further updates. We’ll bring you the latest news on Tyson’s recovery and his upcoming fight.

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