Caitlin Clark’s Olympic Snub Fuels Burning Desire: “They Woke a Monster”


A “Monster” Snub: Coach Responds to Clark’s Olympic Setback

Indiana Fever head coach Christie Sides expressed disappointment but also optimism after rookie sensation Caitlin Clark was left off the U.S. Olympic women’s basketball team roster. Here’s an exclusive look into their conversation following the decision and how Clark is handling the setback.

Coach Sides’ Reaction

Sides, who has mentored Clark since her rookie season, admitted to being a little disheartened. However, she recognized the immense talent that made it to the team.

“You know, that’s the hardest team in the world to make,” Sides explained. “She’s young. She’s going to have so many opportunities in the future.”

Sides emphasized Clark’s character and determination, highlighting her unyielding spirit.

Despite being excluded from the Olympic squad, Clark displayed maturity and grace. The coach shared a moment they experienced on the team bus after the news broke:

“We talked, actually, on the bus. She got the call on the bus. She texted me to let me know. I just tried to keep her spirits (up). The thing she said is, ‘Hey, coach. They woke a monster’ – which I thought was awesome.”

Clark’s response emphasized her competitive nature and relentless drive to prove her worth.

Even from the sidelines, Clark remained supportive of her teammates. She expressed excitement for their journey and wished them the best as they chased an Olympic gold medal.

“I’m excited for the girls who are on the team… I know it could’ve gone either way – me being on the team, me not being on the team,” Clark said. “So, I’m excited for them. I’m going to be rooting them on to win gold.”

She acknowledged that the setback would only fuel her motivation and determination to represent her country in the future.

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