Cam Newton Breaks Down Caitlin Clark Controversy: ‘This Is the Big Leagues’


Cam Newton Weighs In: Caitlin Clark’s Welcome to the Big Leagues

NFL MVP Cam Newton recently shared his take on the much-discussed Caitlin Clark-Chennedy Carter saga. In his podcast, Newton downplayed the incident, suggesting it was nothing more than a common occurrence in basketball.

“America’s Sweetheart” in a World of Sharks

Newton questioned the idea of Clark being treated as a darling in a league full of fierce competitors. He emphasized that everyone is out to dethrone you and get into your head.

“Why are we acting as if she’s America’s sweetheart in a league that’s filled with hyenas and lions, tigers and bears?” Newton said. “Everybody is comin’ after you to try to dethrone you, and trying to get in your head – mentally, physically, emotionally.”

Welcome to the Big Leagues

Newton likened the foul to incidents faced by legends like Michael Jordan, reminding Clark that no one is above being challenged or disliked. He advised her to embrace the challenges as a rite of passage into a competitive environment.

“How many times did we see Michael Jordan get his a– whupped? … Nobody is above getting checked or being disliked. So, Caitlin, welcome to the big leagues. Everybody ain’t gonna like you.”

Dealing with Adversity

Newton emphasized the importance of rising above adversity and not letting setbacks define you. He encouraged Clark to block out the negativity and focus on her game.

“You gotta ice up, son. This is not the first time and it’s not gonna be the last time somebody is gonna try to check you to see if you really who you think you are.”

Absence from Olympic Roster

On Saturday, reports emerged that despite her immense popularity, Clark would not be included in the U.S. Olympic roster. Newton’s comments on the incident take on added significance in light of this news.

Newton’s words offer a perspective that both acknowledges the challenges of being a rising star in a competitive league while also encouraging resilience and determination. He reminds Clark that adversity is an inevitable part of success and that she should embrace the journey, regardless of the obstacles she encounters.

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