Dornoch’s Belmont Triumph: Triple Crown Magic at Saratoga


Dornoch Triumphs in the “Run for the Roses” at Saratoga

The Race Course Transformed for a Historic Moment

The Belmont Stakes, the third and final leg of the illustrious Triple Crown, unfolded at a unique stage this year: Saratoga Race Course. With Belmont Park undergoing extensive renovations, Saratoga stepped into the spotlight, marking an unprecedented change for the tradition-steeped race.

The track’s shorter length, 1 ¼ miles, brought a twist to the event, echoing the Kentucky Derby’s distance. This adjustment posed challenges for both horses and jockeys, who had to recalibrate their strategies accordingly.

Dornoch Claims the Crown

Despite the unfamiliar terrain, Dornoch, an exceptional thoroughbred, emerged victorious, leaving no doubt about his supremacy. Luis Saez, the gifted jockey aboard Dornoch, masterfully guided the horse to a 17-1 upset, surpassing the highly favored Sierra Leone.

Dornoch’s Belmont Triumph: Triple Crown Magic at Saratoga

A Triumvirate of Victories

Intriguingly, this year’s Triple Crown has witnessed horses taking each leg, mirroring a trend witnessed in recent history. Dornoch’s Belmont victory added to the list of triumvirates since Justify’s historic sweep in 2018.

Triple Crown Glory Eludes, but History is Made

Despite Dornoch’s heroics, the coveted Triple Crown crown remains elusive. No horse has achieved the feat since Justify’s incredible run. Yet, this year’s race etched its place in history, showcasing the resilience and athleticism of the equine world.

Aerial view of Saratoga Race Course

Saratoga’s Newfound Fame

Saratoga Race Course, known for its splendor and prestige, relished the opportunity to host the Belmont Stakes. The city of Saratoga Springs was abuzz with excitement as a new chapter unfolded in American racing lore.

Celebrity Sightings and Sporting Stars

Among the notable attendees was the legendary Bill Parcells, a two-time Super Bowl-winning NFL coach. Parcells, a regular at Saratoga and a Saratoga Springs resident, added to the allure of the event.

A Year of Change and Triumph

The move to Saratoga not only showcased the venue’s grandeur but also provided insights into the evolving landscape of horse racing. Despite the altered track and distance, Dornoch rose to the occasion, proving the sport’s resilience and unpredictability.


“It’s been an unforgettable year for racing. From Dornoch’s impressive run to the stunning Belmont Stakes held in Saratoga, the sport has witnessed moments that will be forever etched in the annals of history.” – LA News Center Horse Racing Correspondent

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