Golfer’s Bird-Strike Shocker: Unlucky Encounter on the Fairway


Birdies and Bird Strikes: Isi Gabsa’s Unforgettable U.S. Women’s Open Experience

Every golfer at the U.S. Women’s Open aims for birdie putts, but Isi Gabsa had a rather peculiar encounter with a feathered foe on the 12th hole during her opening round at Lancaster Country Club.

An Unlucky Bird’s Tale

As Gabsa teed up on the par-3 hole, hoping to improve her score of 2-over, she struck the ball towards the inviting green. But fate had a cruel twist in store.

The ball soared through the air, seemingly destined for a favorable landing. However, disaster struck when it collided with a bird that was innocently perched on the green. The impact sent the bird tumbling lifelessly, while the ball rolled mere feet away.

Officials rushed to the scene, their hearts heavy with concern. The bird was gently lifted and carried away, its fate uncertain.

Birdie Escapes, Nightmare Round Continues

Gabsa, shaken by the incident, collected herself and proceeded with the hole. After failing to seize the birdie opportunity, she finished with a bogie. Her first round ended with a disappointing 3-over 73, putting her 67th among the competitors.

Lancester’s Wacky First Round

Lancaster Country Club witnessed a series of bizarre events on Thursday. Top-ranked Nelly Korda, fresh off a brutal sextuple-bogey on the 11th, somehow managed to shoot an even more disastrous septuple-bogey on the 12th. Her round concluded with a humbling 10-over finish.

Hope Amidst the Chaos

Despite the course’s unforgiving nature, Gabsa remains within striking distance. The leading score at the time of writing was a mere 2-under by Yuka Saso of Japan, indicating that the battle is far from over.

Gabsa may find herself a bit more cautious when aiming her shots, but she knows that anything can happen on this elusive golf course. With determination and a keen eye on the skies, she’s ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.