Heartbreak to Hit: Darren Waller’s Music Reveals Raw Pain of Divorce


Giants’ Waller Expresses Heartbreak Through Music After Divorce from Aces Star Plum

Darren Waller, the star tight end for the New York Giants, is pouring his emotions into music after the dissolution of his marriage to Kelsey Plum, the renowned WNBA player. The couple wed in March 2023 but filed for divorce just one year later. Waller’s musical creations candidly explore his perspective on the breakup.

Creating as a Path to Growth and Healing

Music has always been a solace for Waller, and he’s relied on it as a means of processing his emotions. “Creating always provides a mirror for me to grow and heal. So I give you a song written to me, by me,” Waller shared on Instagram before releasing his latest track.

In another post, he detailed the profound impact of putting himself in the shoes of his former partner. “There’s something extremely valuable (and quite humbling lol) about putting yourself in the shoes of those you have been intimate with and taking an honest look at yourself. The only result possible is growth.”

Music Video Paints a Poignant Narrative

Waller’s music video for the song “Who Knew (Her Perspective)” offers a visual interpretation of his emotional journey. The video portrays Waller and a woman, who seemingly represents Plum, engaged in heated arguments.

A moment of reconciliation on the beach is followed by a chilling twist. As the waves crash into the shoreline, the woman is seen stabbing Waller in the back with a pocketknife. The video concludes with Waller lying on the sand, emphasizing the depth of his pain.

Past Rumors and Current Reflections

Earlier this year, Waller denied breakup rumors stemming from a video he posted. However, Plum has alluded to a “tough” offseason in light of their divorce.

“I think my faith has grown tremendously and, not just that, but I know who I am. You kind of get refined by fire,” Plum said about the challenges she faced during that period.

Waller’s Future and the Impact of Retirement

Waller has contemplated retirement during this offseason. His decision will likely be influenced by Plum’s recent successes, as she has led the Las Vegas Aces to back-to-back WNBA championships.

Waller’s journey serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of navigating heartbreak. Through his artistry, he allows others to connect with his emotions and reminds us that music can be a powerful tool for healing and self-expression.