Jersey Swap Too Pricey: Cousins Forced to Keep Number After League Intervention


Former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins recently revealed a humorous anecdote involving a jersey swap proposal from Atlanta Falcons tight end Kyle Pitts. In an interview with LA News Center, Cousins shared that Pitts, sporting the coveted No. 8 jersey, offered to trade it for increased targets.

A Jersey Exchange, Interrupted

But Cousins’ desire for the No. 8 was promptly dashed upon learning of a hefty financial obligation. According to Cousins, the NFL informed both players that purchasing every existing No. 8 Pitts jersey was necessary to complete the switch.

The estimated cost of the jersey buyout, Cousins revealed on “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” was a staggering “several hundred thousand.” Unwilling to foot such a hefty bill, Cousins opted to forgo the jersey exchange and will instead don the No. 18 when he takes to the field for the Falcons next season.

Pitts’ Jersey Abundance

Tight end Kyle Pitts’s jersey is a hot commodity due to his impressive performances on the field. His No. 8 jersey has become a fan favorite, with numerous jerseys already sold. Purchasing each one would have been an unreasonable expense for Cousins.

Shaq’s Jersey Stance

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who was present during the conversation with Cousins, vehemently expressed his refusal to pay for a jersey number. He joked that his financial savvy extends to items like socks and towels but not jerseys.

Cousins’ New Beginning

Despite the jersey setback, Cousins remains optimistic about his future with the Falcons. They have invested heavily in him with a 0 million, four-year contract, including a substantial signing bonus and guaranteed money. Having never won a playoff game, Cousins hopes that Atlanta will be his final NFL destination where he can finally break through the postseason barrier.

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