March Madness Heats Up: Record Breaking Viewership for Women’s Basketball


Record-Breaking Championships

Caitlin Clark, the Iowa Hawkeyes’ star point guard, etched her name into the annals of college basketball history during the 2023 NCAA Women’s Tournament. In her final three collegiate contests, Clark shattered her own single-game scoring mark on multiple occasions.

The intensity of the tournament’s later stages brought out the best in Clark, as matchups against elite teams like LSU, UConn, and South Carolina led to record-breaking viewership numbers. LA News Center reported that the title game between Iowa and South Carolina attracted 18.7 million viewers, eclipsing the previous record by 285%.

Inspiring a Generation

Clark’s extraordinary performances have had a profound impact on the sport. South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley praised Clark for her role in “lifting up our sport.” Basketball Hall of Famer Magic Johnson lauded her for her contributions to women’s basketball and wished her well in her future WNBA endeavors.

A Legacy That Transcended Win or Loss

Despite ultimately falling short in the championship game, Clark and the Hawkeyes had a remarkable season. They opened the contest with a formidable 10-0 run, with Clark scoring 18 points in the first quarter alone. However, South Carolina’s tenacious defense, led by Raven Johnson, limited Clark’s effectiveness in the later stages.

Unprecedented Accomplishments

During the season, Clark achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the all-time leading scorer in both men’s and women’s college basketball history, surpassing LSU legend Pete Maravich. With her 30 points in the championship game, she concluded her collegiate career with 3,921 points, while averaging an astonishing 31.7 points per game.

Recognition for a Trailblazer

Clark’s influence extends beyond the basketball court. ESPN acknowledged her game as the most-watched sporting event outside of American football and the Olympics since 2019. Her exceptional talent and dedication have inspired countless young athletes and fans, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of women’s sports.

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