Mets’ Bizarre London Ad Features Ex-Pitcher, Baffling Snubs


Mets’ Marketing Misstep: Overlooked Stars and an Unlikely Ad Campaign

Despite their subpar record, the New York Mets boast some prominent players on their roster. However, the promotional materials for their recent London Series against the Philadelphia Phillies tell a different story.

A Shocking Snub: Key Players Missing from Ad

As the Mets arrived in England with a disappointing 27-35 record, the Phillies led the league with an impressive 44-19 tally. The Phillies’ dominance showcases players like Bryce Harper and a formidable pitching rotation, while the Mets rely on stars like Pete Alonso, Francisco Lindor, and Starling Marte.

To the surprise of many, an advertisement outside London’s New Era Carnaby store promoted the series with Phillies’ standout Kyle Schwarber and an injured Trea Turner. However, the Mets’ representation was limited to three relievers: Adam Ottavino (5.96 ERA), Reed Garrett, and the curious inclusion of Jake Reed.

Jake Reed: A Perplexing Choice

What makes Reed’s inclusion even more baffling is that he hasn’t played for the Mets since 2022, appearing in just nine games with an underwhelming 8.18 ERA. To date, he remains an unsigned free agent after brief stints with the Dodgers, Orioles, and Dodgers again.

With 26 players on the active roster, there were arguably more viable options for the advertisement. Francisco Lindor, despite a modest offensive performance, leads the team with a 1.6 WAR, followed by Harrison Bader (1.3) and rookie Mark Viento (1.1).

A Quirky Addition: The Hawaiian Shirt

Adding to the puzzling marketing choices, the advertisement featured a Hawaiian shirt with both the Mets’ and Phillies’ logos, a bizarre sight considering their rivalry in the NL East.

A Reality Check for the Mets

While the Mets have shown some promising signs with five wins in their last seven games before embarking on their European adventure, the Phillies’ 6-run outburst against Sean Manaea in the fourth inning served as a sobering reminder of the gulf between the two teams.

The Mets’ struggles in the London Series and the marketing misstep surrounding the event underscore the challenges they face in rebuilding a once-proud franchise.