Nathan’s Hot Dog Dynasty Shaken: Joey Chestnut Faces Contest Ban


Joey Chestnut’s Coney Island Coronation Faces a Bumpy Road

The Reigning Hot Dog Gobbling King Takes a Temporary Hiatus

Joey Chestnut, the legendary hot dog eating champion, has encountered a roadblock in his pursuit of an iconic 17th Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest victory. LA News Center has learned that Chestnut will skip the prestigious event this year due to a sponsorship deal with Impossible Foods, a maker of plant-based hot dogs.

Nathan’s Fires Hot Shots Over Chestnut’s Absence

The news of Chestnut’s absence struck a chord with the organizers of the contest, Major League Eating (MLE). In a statement, the league expressed disappointment over Chestnut’s decision:

“We are saddened to learn that Joey Chestnut has aligned himself with a rival brand that disrespects the hot dog eating tradition we have cultivated for nearly two decades.”

MLE accused Chestnut of disregarding their long-standing “hot dog exclusivity” agreement. They offered him a lucrative .2 million deal to continue representing them, but it seems that money couldn’t sway his loyalty.

Chestnut’s Compensation Controversy

Sources reveal that Chestnut earned a hefty 0,000 for his appearance in last year’s contest. Nathan’s Famous has reaffirmed its intention to welcome Chestnut back with open arms once he severs ties with rival brands.

Chestnut’s Unparalleled Legacy

Despite the current hurdle, Chestnut remains the undisputed GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) in the competitive eating realm. Since 2007, he has dominated the Nathan’s contest, with only a brief setback in 2015. His awe-inspiring world record includes devouring 76 hot dogs and buns in just 10 minutes during the 2021 competition. Last year, he successfully defended his title with 62 hot dogs and buns under his belt.

Outside the Bun: Chestnut’s Culinary Dominance

Beyond his hot dog heroics, Chestnut holds multiple other world records, showcasing his insatiable appetite for culinary challenges. He can handle 32 Bic Macs in 38 minutes, 44 Raising Cane’s chicken fingers in 5 minutes, and an astonishing 61.5 four-ounce pork roll sandwiches in 10 minutes.

Incident at the 2022 Contest

During the 2022 Nathan’s contest, Chestnut faced a bizarre interruption when a protester rushed onto the stage. Unfazed, Chestnut swiftly subdued the intruder with a chokehold before continuing his eating marathon and capturing his 16th victory.

Stay Tuned for the Next Installment

The hot dog eating world eagerly anticipates Chestnut’s return to the Nathan’s contest when he is no longer bound to competing brands. Until then, fans can marvel at the legendary feats of this competitive eating icon.

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