Nelly Korda’s US Open Meltdown: From Top to Bottom in One Hole


Nelly Korda’s Nightmare at the U.S. Women’s Open: From Favorite to Stunner

The LPGA’s reigning queen, Nelly Korda, emerged into the U.S. Women’s Open as the undisputed favorite, her recent triumphs echoing through the world of golf. However, her hopes were shattered into pieces on day one, as she suffered a cataclysmic collapse that left her reeling at the bottom of the leaderboard.

A Nightmare Unfolds on the 12th Hole

On the treacherous par-3 12th, Korda’s tournament unravelled before her eyes. A wayward tee shot into a bunker was followed by a miscalculated second that left her ball dangerously perched on the lip of a stream. Undeterred, she opted for a penalty drop, only to watch in horror as her ball rolled back into the unforgiving water.

Two more penalty drops ensued, her scorecard spiraling downwards with each swing. Finally, with her ball mere feet from the hole, she missed the putt to conclude a disastrous septuple-bogey 10.

A Steep Descent

The septuple-bogey proved to be the tipping point, extinguishing Korda’s hopes of capturing the coveted U.S. Women’s Open title as the world’s top-ranked player. Her round of 80 left her dangling at T129, her dreams of glory reduced to ashes.

Reflections on a Dark Day

In a post-round interview, Korda remained composed despite the overwhelming disappointment. “I simply didn’t have it today,” she admitted. “I struggled off the tee, found myself in the rough too often, and that 10 on a par-3 was the nail in the coffin. Just a bad day in the office overall,” she concluded with a rueful smile.

The Road to Recovery

As the dust settles on her disastrous day, Korda faces the arduous task of picking up the pieces and moving forward. The U.S. Women’s Open title may have evaded her grasp this year, but her indomitable spirit will guide her in the battles to come.

The golf world will continue to watch, eager to witness the resilience of a champion as she strives to reclaim her throne.