NXT Stands and Delivers with Historic Main Event and


In a captivating showdown at LA News Center’s Stand & Deliver, Trick Williams and Roxanne Perez emerged victorious in high-stakes matches, setting the stage for a thrilling WrestleMania 40.

Williams Triumphs in Historic Main Event

The main event of Stand & Deliver featured an intense rivalry between Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes. As Williams made his highly anticipated entrance, the crowd erupted in thunderous applause, signaling their unwavering support.

The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as Williams and Hayes engaged in a breathtaking aerial battle. Hayes’s high-flying maneuvers were met with Williams’s lightning-fast counters, creating a truly electrifying spectacle.

Williams seized control when he countered Hayes’s “Nothin’ But Net” finisher, sending Hayes crashing to the canvas. With relentless aggression, Williams unleashed a spinning boot to the face and used a chair to subdue his opponent.

Hayes’s desperation led him to another attempt at using the chair, but Williams thwarted him once more. Seizing the moment, Williams hit the Flash Knee, sending Hayes into the ropes and sealing his victory with a decisive pin.

Perez Reclaims NXT Women’s Championship

Roxanne Perez embarked on an unstoppable mission to reclaim the NXT women’s championship, a title she had never truly lost. Facing Lyra Valkyria, Perez relentlessly targeted her injured arm, relentlessly testing her endurance.

Despite Valkyria’s valiant efforts, Perez’s relentless pursuit of her weakness proved too much to overcome. She locked Valkyria in a devastating crossface, forcing her to tap out and cement her status as a two-time champion.

Unstoppable Champions Retain