Packer’s Jacobs Reveals Wardrobe No-Go for NFL Brazil Game: Color Wars Uncover Hidden Tradition


Get ready for an unusual twist in the upcoming NFL game between the Green Bay Packers and Philadelphia Eagles in Brazil this September. According to a warning issued by Packers running back Josh Jacobs, fans attending the match need to be mindful of their wardrobe choices due to local gang regulations.

Green is Strictly Prohibited

“The part of Brazil that we’re going to, you can’t even wear green,” Jacobs revealed on Chris Long’s podcast. “They said, I guess, something to do with the gangs and stuff.”

The issue stems from the fact that both the Packers and Eagles have green as their primary color. However, the game will be played at the Corinthians Arena, the home of the Corinthians soccer team.

Corinthians’ archrival is Palmeiras, who wear green. As a result, there are strict rules prohibiting the wearing of green inside the stadium. Signs throughout the venue declare the color “forbidden.”

Packers and Eagles Scrambling for Solutions

Jacobs advised that he has been instructed to pack black and white clothing for the trip, which fortunately won’t be an issue for the former Raiders player.

The Packers have alternate jerseys and helmets without green, resembling their classic Michigan-style uniforms. However, the Eagles only have a black alternate jersey, with no non-green helmet options.

It remains unclear whether this is merely a misunderstanding or if the NFL has been given false information. Nevertheless, Jacobs’ message to fans is clear: exercise caution with your wardrobe.

Safety Concerns and Travel Restrictions

Jacobs also mentioned that the teams will not be staying in the nicest part of Brazil, further reinforcing the need for caution. The NFL has reportedly advised players and staff to remain inside their hotels as much as possible.

“[The NFL] said, ‘We’re not going to Rio.’ They was like, ‘Man, it’s one of them places where they probably won’t even let us leave the hotels,'” Jacobs added.

Despite the potential inconveniences, fans are still eagerly anticipating this unique matchup in Brazil. The NFL’s international expansion continues to break new ground, but occasionally it brings with it some unexpected hurdles.