Sage Steele’s Legal Battle: Behind-the-Scenes Drama at ESPN


Sage Steele Files Lawsuit Against Former Agent

Former ESPN anchor Sage Steele has taken legal action against Creative Artist Agency (CAA), the talent agency that represented her during a controversial dispute with her former employer.

  1. Breach of Fiduciary Duty: Steele alleges that CAA breached its fiduciary duty by failing to advocate adequately on her behalf in her dispute with ESPN. She claims that CAA did not demand clear language in her contract exempting her from apologizing for criticizing Disney’s vaccine policy.
  2. Mishandled Contract Review: The lawsuit asserts that Steele was misled into believing that a senior CAA legal representative had reviewed her contract. However, it is claimed that a junior attorney was assigned to the task instead.
  3. Conflict of Interest: Steele suggests that CAA had a conflict of interest because it also represents high-profile ESPN personalities, such as Adam Schefter and Adrian Wojnarowski. These individuals reportedly received contract extensions during the time Steele was negotiating her own contract.

Dispute with ESPN

Steele was suspended by ESPN in 2021 after expressing skepticism about Disney’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate in a podcast interview. She subsequently filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming retaliation for her comments. Steele and ESPN reached a settlement in April 2022, leading to her exit from the network.

CAA’s Response

CAA has not publicly commented on the lawsuit as of the time of this writing. LA News Center has reached out to the agency for a statement, but no response has been received.

Departure from ESPN

Steele has stated that she left ESPN to exercise her First Amendment rights more freely. She is reportedly working on a new project.

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