Scott Frost: From College Coach to NFL Enigma


Scott Frost coaching

Once the toast of the college football world as the University of Central Florida’s Knight in shining armor, Scott Frost’s coaching career took a downturn after his departure for his alma mater, Nebraska. However, after sitting out the 2023 season, Frost is chomping at the bit to prove that he’s still got game.

A Coached Coveted

Frost made a name for himself as a rising star in the coaching ranks, earning accolades such as the 2017 AP College Football Coach of the Year and the Paul “Bear” Bryant Coach of the Year Award. His success in leading the Knights to an undefeated season in 2017 made him a coveted commodity.

With over 50 coaching changes since Frost’s exit from Nebraska, including the hiring of former Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule, Frost’s name has been bandied about as a potential candidate. Despite his proven track record, no offers have materialized.

Yearning for the Gridiron

Frost’s determination to return to the coaching realm is palpable. After a self-imposed hiatus, he admits that he’s restless and eager to step back into the arena. While thankful for the extra time spent with family, Frost’s true passion lies in guiding young athletes on the gridiron.

Scott Frost greets fans

“I’ve never wanted to be a critic,” Frost explained. “I’ve wanted to be in the arena.”

A Fresh Landscape

The college football landscape has undergone significant changes since Frost’s last stint on the sidelines. Name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals have become commonplace, and the transfer portal is now a year-round frenzy.

Frost acknowledges that coaching has become a demanding year-round endeavor, but it’s the relentless pursuit of sculpting young lives that continues to fuel his passion.

Lessons Learned

Frost admits that Nebraska’s struggles have been a catalyst for reflection and growth. While he refrains from publicly critiquing his former program, he has vowed to learn from his mistakes and approach his next coaching opportunity with newfound wisdom.


Frost is open to both NFL and NCAA coaching opportunities. He recognizes that the pro game operates under a different set of rules and challenges, but his love for the game transcends the level of competition.

Scott Frost watches warmups

“It’s been on a trajectory, and I knew what was next,” Frost said of his coaching career. Despite the setbacks and the changing landscape, his determination to return to the realm of college or professional football remains unyielding.

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