Scottie Scheffler’s Arrest Drama: Lawyer’s Heated Exchange Raises Questions About Police Body Cam Footage


The Dramatic Dismissal of Scottie Scheffler’s Arrest Charges

Louisville, Kentucky – Charges against golf star Scottie Scheffler, stemming from an incident with Louisville Police at the PGA Championship, have been dismissed.

Scheffler’s Lawyer Blasts Police Treatment

After the charges were dropped, Scheffler’s lawyer, Steve Romines, addressed a press conference, where he criticized the Louisville Police Department’s handling of his client. He accused them of attempting to “put words in [Scheffler’s] mouth” during questioning.

Reporter Questions Scheffler’s Account

Natalia Martinez of WAVE News questioned Scheffler’s recollection of the incident, pointing out that in bodycam footage, he seemed to agree with an officer’s claim that he “dragged” the officer with his vehicle.

Scheffler’s Side of the Story

According to Scheffler, the situation arose from confusion caused by the death of a volunteer at the tournament. He claimed a police officer directed him to go against traffic, but he thought it was a security guard mistaken about his actions.

Scheffler also stated that the officer grabbed his shoulder and hit him, prompting him to drive away because he feared he would be struck further. He denied knowing the officer was a police officer until later.

Charges Dismissed

Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell filed a motion to drop the charges, stating that the evidence did not support criminal offenses. Detective Bryan Gillis was also reprimanded for failing to activate his bodycam.

Gillis Responds

In a statement following the dismissal, Gillis expressed regret over the incident and commended Scheffler’s respectful response. He stated that they agreed to move forward without ill will.

Scheffler’s Statement

Scheffler expressed his relief at the charges being dropped and apologized for the misunderstanding. He acknowledged the difficulty of police work and expressed his high regard for officers.


The dismissal of Scheffler’s charges brings closure to a highly publicized incident. While questions remain about the events that transpired, both sides expressed a desire to put the matter behind them.

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