Simone Biles Claps Back at Critics: “F— Off!”


Simone Biles: Defending Her Man

The Joy of Victory, the Sting of Criticism

Simone Biles dazzled at the recent U.S. Classic, showcasing her unmatched skills. However, her triumph was met with a bittersweet undertone as social media erupted with disrespectful remarks about her loving husband, Jonathan Owens.

Setting the Record Straight

In a powerful statement on Instagram, Biles addressed the relentless online mockery, asserting that the jokes had crossed the line of disrespect. “I’m going to go ahead & say this one time. Respectfully, f… off!” she declared.

Unwavering Support and Clear Boundaries

Biles doubled down on her message, emphasizing that she would not tolerate further disrespect towards her relationship. “If you keep commenting or tweeting at me, I’m just going to block you. Simple as that.” Yet, amidst the backlash, she expressed immense gratitude for those who had shown unwavering support.

The Heartfelt Appreciation

After Owens’ heartwarming gesture of support at the U.S. Classic, Biles took to social media to express her love and admiration. She praised him as “the best supporter… I couldn’t ask for a better husband.”

The Origin of the Controversy

The online uproar stemmed from comments made by Owens on a podcast, where he admitted to not knowing who Biles was when they initially met online. The revelation sparked mockery and the sarcastic moniker “Mr. Biles” for Owens.

Biles’ Previous Defense

Biles has previously defended her husband against online scrutiny, stating that she was present during the interview and had no qualms with Owens’ remarks. She characterized him as “the sweetest, [praising] the ground that I walk on.”

The Significance of the Olympic Return

Amidst the online turmoil, Biles remains focused on her highly anticipated Olympic return. After withdrawing from the 2020 Games due to mental health concerns, she aims to reclaim her status as the world’s top gymnast.

A Triumphant Comeback

At the U.S. Classic, Biles demonstrated her enduring prowess by securing an all-around score of 59.500, a solid margin ahead of her competitors. She expressed joy at performing before a live audience again and embracing the adrenaline rush.


Simone Biles remains an inspiration, both on and off the gymnastics mat. She continues to excel in her chosen sport while fiercely defending her right to respectful treatment. As she charges towards the Paris Olympics, Biles serves as a reminder of both the triumphs and challenges that come with being a public figure in the spotlight.

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