Stephen A. Smith Exposes Shocking Truth About Feud with Jason Whitlock


Stephen A. Smith Unleashes on Jason Whitlock in Fiery Rant

On his latest podcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” sports personality Stephen A. Smith finally addressed his ongoing feud with fellow sports commentator Jason Whitlock. With no holds barred, Smith referred to Whitlock as the “worst human being any of you will ever meet.”

Jason Whitlock looks at camera

Sports personality Jason Whitlock on Fox News Channel.

Smith acknowledged that he rarely talks about his colleagues, but felt it was necessary to address Whitlock’s claim in his memoir that Smith had written lies about him. Smith went on to reveal that Whitlock had actually sent him a lengthy apology via email after an article in Deadspin was published. Smith questioned whether Whitlock had disclosed this information to others.

Smith didn’t stop there. He accused Whitlock of being worse than a white supremacist and revealed that there is a stipulation in his contract that prevents him from working with Whitlock. This feud has been ongoing, with Whitlock criticizing Smith on his own show, “Fearless with Jason Whitlock,” and claiming that Smith was “installed” as a top sports personality.

Stephen A Smith watches Knicks

Sports broadcaster Stephen A. Smith sits court side during the third quarter between the New York Knicks and the Miami Heat at Madison Square Garden.

Smith made it clear that he won’t be discussing Whitlock any further, stating, “Don’t ever call me about him again.” He described Whitlock as a “devil” and emphasized his extreme dislike for him.

Whitlock, however, took to social media to respond to Smith’s rant. In a tweet directed at New York Post writer Andrew Marchand, Whitlock said, “SAS just made a fool of himself. We’ve never seen anyone at a major media company react this unprofessionally to a review of their work or just act this publicly unprofessional.”

The feud between Smith and Whitlock continues to captivate sports fans, with both personalities refusing to back down. Only time will tell if they can find common ground or if their animosity will persist.