Stephen A. Smith Slams Hillary Clinton’s ‘Get Over Yourselves’ Remark on Trump-Biden Rematch


Clinton’s Advice Draws Criticism

Former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently sparked debate with her comments urging voters to “get over” concerns about a potential Trump-Biden rematch in the upcoming election. However, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith has vehemently opposed her sentiment, labeling it a tactical error.

A History of Hindsight

“I don’t think it was a wise statement on her part,” Smith declared. “How did that work out for her in 2016? Let’s acknowledge that. Yes, she won the popular vote, but she wasn’t the president of the United States. It was him.”

Clinton’s Campaign Missteps

Smith went on to pinpoint Clinton’s strategy in the 2016 election as a contributing factor to her defeat. He noted her decision not to campaign in key swing states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in the final days, as well as the controversy over then-FBI Director James Comey’s report on her handling of classified emails.

“She made a series of questionable decisions,” Smith emphasized. “The last thing you need to do is agitate potential voters in a crucial election.”

The Stakes of 2024

Clinton defended her comments on Jimmy Fallon’s show, arguing that the choice between the candidates should be obvious. However, Smith maintains that the stakes are high in the upcoming election.

“Clinton’s ‘get over it’ attitude dismisses the concerns of millions of Americans,” Smith stated. “It’s not a matter of not paying attention. It’s a matter of understanding the consequences of our electoral choices.”

A Call to Action

Smith urged voters to carefully consider the candidates and their policies, emphasizing the importance of an informed electorate.

“This election is about the future of our country and our democracy,” Smith concluded. “We can’t afford to be dismissive or apathetic. We must engage, make our voices heard, and hold our leaders accountable.”

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