Stephen A. Smith’s Shocking Confession: “This City Hates Me the Most”


In a recent episode of Stephen A. Smith’s podcast, “The Stephen A. Smith Show,” the renowned sports commentator and Hall of Famer Charles Barkley engaged in a candid conversation on a wide range of topics, including politics and the state of New York City.

Debating Law and Inequality

As the conversation pivoted towards politics, Smith presented Barkley with a provocative question:

Smith: Considering our history of inequities and the current state of affairs, who do you side with in terms of potential presidential candidates?

Barkley: We need law and order, Stephen A. Trying to fix inequalities has nothing to do with letting people go in stores and rob people.

New York City Concerns

Barkley then shifted the discussion to the issues he had observed during his time in New York City.

Barkley: The border is a joke.
They have these migrants bussed up to New York.
They have them on camera kicking and beating cops.
How are you out of jail in 24 hours?

Smith expressed concern about the alleged lack of consequences for individuals involved in violent incidents.

Barkley’s Urgent Message

Barkley conveyed his belief that the city’s focus should be on restoring law and order.

Barkley: We have to take our country back.
We have to reinstitute a police presence in our neighborhoods.
Make these criminals let us live in peace.

Smith agreed with Barkley’s assessment, emphasizing the importance of protecting innocent citizens.

About the Podcast

“The Stephen A. Smith Show” is a three-times-a-week podcast platform where Smith shares his unfiltered opinions on not only sports but also entertainment, pop culture, society, business, and politics.

About the Hosts

Stephen A. Smith is a former college basketball player, author, actor, NBA analyst, and the longtime host of ESPN’s “First Take.” Charles Barkley is an 11-time NBA All-Star, 1993 NBA MVP, and current NBA analyst.

This candid and thought-provoking episode highlights the diverse perspectives and unfiltered commentary that are the hallmark of “The Stephen A. Smith Show.” By opening up important conversations about politics, social issues, and civic responsibility, Smith and Barkley encourage their listeners to engage in critical thinking and challenge prevailing narratives.