“The Viral Sensation: Stephanie Niles’ Whirlwind Journey from Bengals’ Game to Instagram Fame”


Stephanie Niles, the girlfriend of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Jake Browning, had a whirlwind experience on social media recently. During the Bengals’ game against the Cleveland Browns, Niles was caught on camera cheering on her boyfriend in a suite at Paycor Stadium. Her enthusiastic celebration, wearing an all-white bodysuit and an orange hat, quickly went viral and caught the attention of social media users.

Jake Browning against Vikings

Almost overnight, Niles’ following on Instagram nearly doubled. She gained over 16,000 new followers, going from about 27,100 to more than 43,000 in just a couple of days. People couldn’t get enough of her infectious energy and support for her boyfriend.

Niles continued to make waves on social media as she attended the National Championship Game in Houston to support her alma mater, the University of Washington. Despite her prediction of a victory for the Huskies, they ultimately lost to the Michigan Wolverines with a score of 34-13.

Jake Browning vs Steelers

After the Bengals secured a convincing 31-14 win against the Browns, Niles took to Instagram to share her day’s highlights. She posted photos of herself with her sister and other family members, all showing their unwavering support for Browning.

Jake Browning and Stephanie Niles both attended the University of Washington, where Browning made a name for himself as the star quarterback from 2015 to 2018. After playing for the Minnesota Vikings, Browning joined the Bengals and finally got the opportunity to start a game this season after Joe Burrow’s unfortunate season-ending injury.

Niles is no stranger to success herself. She co-founded 7th Street Swim, a sustainable swimwear company based in New York City. The couple has been together for about five years, and Niles has been a constant source of support for Browning throughout his career.

Stephanie Niles became an internet sensation back in December when she expressed her need for something “stronger” than beer during the Bengals’ victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Her lively and relatable personality has endeared her to fans and followers alike.

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