UFC Legend Raises Concerns Over Mike Tyson’s Health After Plane Scare: “Not a Good Look”


Contentious Quandary: Paul-Tyson Fight under Scrutiny Amidst Tyson’s Health Scare

The prospective collision between boxing legend Mike Tyson and internet sensation Jake Paul has raised eyebrows, with concerns escalating after Tyson’s recent health scare on an airplane.

UFC legend Michael Bisping has expressed skepticism about the wisdom of allowing the fight to proceed, particularly given Tyson’s reported struggle to endure a prolonged flight.

Tyson’s Health Concerns

“This exemplifies why this fight should not move forward,” Bisping asserted on his podcast. While acknowledging Tyson’s audacity in stepping into the ring at 58, he questioned his physical capacity to endure the demands of a boxing match.

Paul’s Motives Questioned

Bisping also cast doubt on Paul’s intentions, accusing him of cherry-picking opponents to inflate his record. He characterized this strategy as “absolutely embarrassing.”

Tyson’s Response

Tyson has downplayed the severity of his health incident, stating on social media that he is feeling “100%” and confident in his ability to defeat Paul.

Planned Card

The main event between Tyson and Paul will be accompanied by an undercard featuring notable boxing matchups. These include Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Darren Till, Ashton Sylve vs. Floyd Schofield, and Neeraj Goyat vs. Whindersson Nunes.

Legal Implications

The fight has been met with skepticism and criticism from some boxing purists. Some argue that allowing an aging legend to participate in such a demanding event is irresponsible and could set a dangerous precedent.

The Fight’s Fate

Despite the concerns, the fight is currently scheduled to take place on July 20 in Arlington, Texas, and will be streamed live on Netflix. The outcome of the event remains uncertain, and both fighters have expressed confidence in their abilities.

Data sourced from: foxnews.com