UFC Star’s Shocking Stunts: Mooning, Underwear Toss, and Media Taunts


**Derrick Lewis Unleashes a Wild Spectacle in St. Louis**

UFC star Derrick Lewis treated the St. Louis crowd to more than they bargained for on Saturday night, delivering a knockout blow followed by an unforgettable display of unfiltered emotions.

**The Knockout and the Shorts-Waving Celebration**

Lewis floored Rodrigo Nascimento in the third round, securing his 28th career mixed martial arts victory. In a moment of jubilation, Lewis shed his shorts and flaunted them at the defeated Nascimento. However, his celebration didn’t end there.

**Mooning the Crowd and the Intentional Cup Toss**

To the bewilderment of the audience, Lewis dropped his pants and mooned them, leaving them both stunned and amused. Later, he intentionally hurled his protective cup at the media near the octagon, making his intentions known:

“You know, because y’all boys always talking s—,” Lewis said, via MMA Fighting. “Every now and then I’ve got to throw y’all under the bus like y’all do me.”

**”I Was Waiting, but the Opportunity Was There”**

Lewis admitted that he had planned to wait until the fifth round to unleash his attack. However, Nascimento’s relentless pressure forced him to seize the moment:

“I was really waiting for the fifth round then explode on him, but the opportunity was there,” Lewis said. “He didn’t let me catch my breath, that’s why I had to finish him. I was trying to catch my breath, then wait it out.”

Derrick Lewis taunts Rodrigo Nascimento

Lewis reacts triumphantly after his win.

(Photo: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

**Rank Implications and Future Outlook**

The victory is likely to elevate Lewis’ ranking in the heavyweight division, where he currently sits 12th. With Jon Jones reigning as the UFC heavyweight champion and Tom Aspinall as the interim champion, Lewis’ chances of title contention may be just within reach.


Derrick Lewis’ display in St. Louis was a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing both his raw power and his unfiltered personality. From the knockout and the shorts-waving celebration to the mooning and the cup toss, Lewis left an unforgettable mark on the night and the sport.