Umpire Extraordinaire Retires: Angel Hernandez’s Umpiring Legacy Under Scrutiny


Umpire Extraordinaire, Angel Hernandez, Waves Farewell to MLB

For the past three decades, Angel Hernandez has been a polarizing figure in Major League Baseball. His presence behind the plate has ignited controversy and sparked debates. But recently, Hernandez’s era came to an end as he announced his retirement from umpiring.

A Legacy of Contention and Camaraderie

Hernandez’s tenure as an MLB umpire was marked by both admiration and criticism. Players often expressed dissatisfaction with his calls, with former New York Yankees star CC Sabathia going so far as to say, “He’s absolutely terrible.” Hernandez also drew ire from fans, with many questioning his accuracy and fairness.

However, amidst the criticism, Hernandez also earned respect for his dedication and longevity in the game. He witnessed countless milestones and shared the field with some of baseball’s greatest players. Relationships with locker room attendants in various cities also held deep value for him.

The Weight of Criticism

In 2018, Hernandez reached a low point when he had three calls overturned in a single game. This moment drew widespread attention and amplified the calls for his removal as an umpire. Hernandez himself admitted to feeling “humiliated” and “embarrassed” by the incident.

Lawsuit and Legacy

In 2017, Hernandez filed a lawsuit against Major League Baseball, alleging discrimination and unfair treatment. The case eventually got thrown out, but it highlights the challenges faced by umpires who find themselves on the receiving end of harsh criticism.

Hernandez’s legacy is a complex one—a mix of appreciation for his perseverance and a questioning of his abilities. As he embarks on the next chapter of his life, he reflects on the countless experiences he has had in the Major Leagues.

Embracing the Future


  • Hernandez’s retirement marks the end of an era in MLB umpiring.
  • His legacy is one of both praise and controversy.
  • He hopes to spend more time with his family in the future.
  • The game of baseball continues to evolve, including efforts to increase diversity and inclusion.