Who’s Siding with the Knicks: Beloved Stars vs. Boycotting Oakley


Charles Oakley’s Courtside Absence: A Lingering Rift with the Knicks

While former New York Knicks stars have been gracing the courtside seats, cheering on their beloved team throughout the playoffs, one notable absence looms large: Charles Oakley.

A Clash in the Garden

Oakley’s tumultuous history with the Knicks reached a fever pitch in 2017 when he was ejected from a game and became entangled in an altercation with security near owner James Dolan’s seat.

The incident remains a point of contention, with the team alleging Oakley’s incessant heckling of Dolan while Oakley adamantly denies it, claiming he was asked to leave inexplicably.

Oakley’s Boycott and Pending Lawsuit

In the aftermath of the incident, Oakley was arrested but later acquitted of assault charges. However, a legal battle persists between him and MSG.

Despite this ongoing dispute, Oakley claims he was contacted by Dolan’s lawyers and invited to attend a recent game. However, he has made it clear that an apology is necessary before he will consider returning.

An Apology Unfulfilled

Oakley told The Associated Press, “They’ve got to apologize. We’ll go from there. Can (Dolan) be man enough to say, mistakes happen. And he made one.”

Oakley’s legal team has filed an amended lawsuit against Dolan and MSG, and a Magistrate Judge has been appointed to oversee the case.

A Desire to Settle

“Just be honest,” Oakley pleaded. “Just be transparent over what you put someone through and how you changed their life. This definitely changed my life.”

MSG, however, has denied all claims of wrongdoing.

Holding Out for Reconciliation

Oakley expressed a longing to attend a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, but only if Dolan amends his past actions.

“I think it’s a bad time to ask me to come to a game,” Oakley said. “The case is still going.”

Rooting from Home

Despite his absence from the Garden, Oakley assures that he is still rooting passionately for the Knicks from the comfort of his home.

“I don’t want to get in their way, they’re playing great,” Oakley said. “I’m going to cheer at the guys to do well. I’m not mad at nobody on the floor.”

The Knicks currently hold a 2-1 advantage over the Indiana Pacers in their playoff series, poised to make their first Eastern Conference Finals appearance in over two decades.